A Big Night – Thank You!

What an incredible night! Thank you for all your support, encouragement and votes.  I’ve enjoyed meeting friends old and new throughout Kennebec and Somerset Counties these past several months. We wouldn’t have gotten to this point without the amazing efforts of so many volunteers and the Maloney team that’s been with me since the beginning. Thanks go as well to Darrick Banda for his willingness to serve in the public interest and a spirited campaign.

I am looking forward to serving as your District Attorney and will be taking steps to make sure the office is fully staffed and prepared to go from my very first day in office. I pledge to always listen to the concerns of our communities, be accessible to my fellow citizens and local organizations and work diligently to implement cost-effective programs that will keep us safe.

Thank you again.

-Maeghan Maloney

2 comments on “A Big Night – Thank You!

  1. Hello Ms. Maloney,
    I am wondering how I could contact you now that you have been elected our new DA. I would like to write you a letter or meet you in person. Maybe you’d like to read my letter first. I appreciate your new ideas and could use your support on a personal issue I have been facing. I would appreciate a response with a way to contact you.
    Thank you very much,
    Savannah Cookson

    • Hello Ms. Cookson,

      I will pass your message and email along to Maeghan today. Thank you for your note.

      -Maloney for DA Campaign team.

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