April 10, 2012

The Grades Bill got funded, but I still opposed it as an unnecessary mandate.

From the Kennebec Journal:

Bill opponent Rep. Maeghan Maloney, D-Augusta, has a son in seventh grade who will be in the first class subject to the new regulations. She said top-down educational mandates from Washington, D.C., or Augusta haven’t worked in the past, and she doesn’t think they are a good idea now.

“My concerns is that we’re forcing school districts to undertake a program that we don’t know works,” she said.

As it is now, school districts can choose to go to the system, as they have in Hall-Dale and other areas. She doesn’t see a need to require it statewide.

“In school districts where it has been successful, it’s because of parents and teachers deciding they want to implement this program,” she said. “If it comes from the ground up, those are the communities that have been successful.”

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