Maeghan’s Plan

Modern, proven, and cost-effective solutions for justice

As District Attorney, Maeghan brings the full range of her knowledge and experience to the office to reduce costs, effectively prosecute criminals and provide rehabilitation solutions for nonviolent offenders.

In a recent letter, Maloney discusses recent changes and her plans for the future:

For the last year and a half I have worked to make the DA’s Office “Smart on Crime.” This means seeking the longest sentences possible in child sexual abuse cases and felony DV cases while focusing on rehabilitation whenever possible in other cases.

The past year has been marked by many changes, but I’d like to mention a few. In October 2014 Somerset becomes the first county in Maine to have pre-trial electronic monitoring available for felony domestic violence defendants out on bail. Kennebec is next. We also started a new Somerset program using treatment instead of incarceration for those charged with drug possession.

In Kennebec, the only Veterans’ Court in our state has flourished with funding for a half-time Veterans’ Court prosecutor thanks to Rep. Fowle and many others. Working with the Veterans’ Court, the Co-occurring Disorders Court, the new OUI program, and the CARA program strengthens my belief in rehabilitation and the cost continues to be dramatically lower than straight incarceration.

A new focus for the counties has been Restorative Justice. It is “victim centered” instead of “defendant centered.” In a Restorative Justice conference the victim speaks directly to the defendant about how the crime affected his or her life. The victim also has input into the appropriate punishment.

I have been working to make the D.A.’s Office more responsive to the counties we serve. I am now serving on the Board of Directors of the Family Violence Project, the Sexual Assault Crisis and Support Center, the AYC Waterville Boys and Girls Club, and the Red Barn Cares Foundation. I chair the Elder Abuse Task Force. I have been honored to speak at American Legion Meetings, Rotary Clubs, and the Chamber of Commerce. These ties to the community influence my work every day.

My candidacy is endorsed by both Kennebec County Sheriff Randall Liberty and Somerset Country Sheriff Barry DeLong. I also enjoy the support of the medical marijuana community.

As always, please know I want to hear your ideas for improving the office. Thank you for helping me to continue this work that I care about so deeply and I’d love your vote in November!

Maeghan Maloney, District Attorney

Kennebec and Somerset Counties

Maloney for D.A.

4 Drew Street
Augusta, Maine 04330
(207) 513-7248