Maeghan Maloney Your District Attorney of Kennebec and Somerset Counties

Every day our communities are faced with new challenges that need new legal and policy solutions – the status quo just isn’t cutting it anymore.

As District Attorney, Maeghan Maloney has begun the process of ensuring that the justice system in our counties is well-equipped to address these modern issues by implementing proven, cost-effective solutions.

Under Maloney’s leadership, pharmacy crimes have dropped since 2012. Maloney transferred prosecution to federal authorities, ensuring longer sentences.

Vulnerable populations, including children and victims of domestic violence, have received greater understanding of their unique circumstances and Maloney has used the full force of the law to protect them.

Difficult economic times have contributed to criminal activity and reduced funding to law enforcement agencies and the court system. In addition to being an effective prosecutor of criminals, the District Attorney needs to be an effective advocate in the legislature. Maloney has advocated for laws and programs to address old and new crimes, as well as seeking adequate funding for the office to carry out these policies.

Join with District Attorney Maloney to help keep the citizens of Kennebec and Somerset Counties safe. Read more on Maeghan Maloney’s Plan and find out where we were and where we are now.

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The District Attorney must not only be an effective prosecutor, but a manager and an advocate for the entire office. Maeghan Maloney is the only candidate with the breadth and depth of experience to bring cost-effective, innovative solutions to the office that will keep dangerous criminals off the streets and save taxpayers money. Read more about Maeghan and her plan.


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